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Page created September 17, 2012. Data updated in real-time.

In 2010,

Extension utilized the services of more than 848,800 volunteers, who together volunteered nearly 25 million hours of their time, averaging 36 hours each.

The estimated value of volunteer time is $21.79 per hour. Using this figure, volunteers generated well over 500 million dollars of value for Extension nationwide.

Most states have their own rate for volunteer time, as shown above. When calculated using this rate, each Institution has a more accurate estimate of volunteer value.

Each Agent/Educator managed an average of 88 volunteers. Each of these volunteers, on average, is worth almost $800, with some categories of volunteers in some Institutions averaging about $5,000.

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Arkansas and Kentucky led the nation in number of volunteers per capita. Here's another way to look at the same data. States like South Dakota and Oregon came out on top in the ratio of 4-H volunteers to youth participants.

We looked at trends over time in number of volunteers,total volunteer hours, number of hours per volunteer, and volunteers per capita, which can be viewed nationwide and by Institution.

We also looked at Master Volunteers - the hours they volunteer as well as the effects of the ratio of volunteers to agents on the number of hours volunteered per Master Volunteer.

Finally, we provide tables of some of the data in regional and institutional views for review. Please note that many Institutions are missing data, and this affects the information we are able to present.

All data for this report comes from the national Excellence in Extension database.

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